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Dating Trends

Crush of the 亚搏体彩Month: Ali

One of the first things you'll notice about Ali is her megawatt smile,and she's got an energetic personality to 亚搏体彩match!There's n...

September 06,2018
Dating Trends

5 Signs Romance is Still Alive

It's National Romance Awareness 亚搏体彩Month – and while it might not always feel like love is in the air if you are dating today,singles say they ...

August 15,2018
Dating Trends

How To Roadtrip With A Partner

68% of singles would rather go #2 on the side of the road in front of their partner vs.picking up a hitchhiker.Yes,you read that correctly.In c...

July 03,2018
Dating Trends

Hottest Day Of The Summer

Are you feeling the heat this summer?Spring flings are over and it is time to find that special someone to show off to your family at all of the w...

June 13,2018
Dating Trends

Crush Of The 亚搏体彩Month: Nikara

Three years ago,Nikara moved to New York to pursue a career in broadcast journalism,explore the city and,ultimately,find love.

May 17,2018
Dating Trends

Crush Of The 亚搏体彩Month: Jennifer

By day,she's a fashion and beauty blogger with a substantial YouTube following.By night,well — she's all the above plus a normal,coffee-loving,...

February 12,2018

亚搏体彩Match Made: Colleen & Chris

Colleen had signed up for the one-week free trial on 亚搏体彩Match with low expectations.Yet,she surprised herself when she initiated conversation with C...

February 05,2018

亚搏体彩Match Made: Abby & Chris

After a first date at an intimate Italian restaurant,Abby and Chris knew they had something special."We've been inseparable ever since!"Abby tol...

January 29,2018
Dating Trends

Crush Of The 亚搏体彩Month: Ana

If you hit the snooze button every morning,you and Ana may not get along.

January 11,2018

亚搏体彩Match Made: Samira & Manoj

Growing up in the Indian culture,both Samira and Manoj knew what was expected of them when it came to marriage.

January 08,2018

亚搏体彩Match Made: Jessica & Erin

Sometimes,you click right away.That was the case for Jessica and Erin.

January 01,2018