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预算紧张,资源有限,要改变电阻,以及经济增长放缓 - 儿童赡养执行服务下,如此多的约束操作。你怎么能帮助更多的家庭尽可能?与我们一起寻找精简,聪明的孩子支持管理解决方案。


  • 降低成本,提高工艺
  • 提供可靠,高效,安全的父母支付
  • Incorporate innovative solutions that get results
  • 充分利用我们团队的实质性题材的专业知识
  • Deploy the right tools to improve productivity
  • 专注于自己的核心任务



Our comprehensive, full-service SDUs lead the industry in accuracy, efficiency, and reliability, always keeping the end goal in mind—getting funds to the children and families who need them. Processing more than a third of the nation’s child support payments every year, we deliver continuous improvement of payment and disbursement functions as well as many other associated services.


Your state is unique—every front office is a little different. But everyone can benefit from a unified workflow approach that improves speed to outcome, automates routine tasks, and makes better use of your human resources.

Child Support Enforcement Systems (CSES)


Child Support Payment Cards

Payment card and direct deposit programs now constitute 95 percent of all child support disbursements. Millions of cardholders nationwide benefit from our payment card programs. Access to funds and information is convenient and secure.


America’s #1 child support payments platform handles billions of dollars in payments per year from employers, payroll processors and individuals. By making it easy to pay, we improve both compliance and efficiency, whether the payer is handling one obligation or hundreds. Employers can handle remittance for their employees across all 50 states, and individual parents can now use PayPal as a payment method to easily, securely meet their child support obligations with ExpertPay.

Child Support Imaging & Scanning



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